Exactly why is everybody talking about Cool Trader Pro? Review

Exactly why is everybody talking about Cool Trader Pro? Review

Cool Trader Pro Software was the brain child of a man named Ed Barsano, a software engineer at Microsoft again in the first days, He wasn’t rich when he left MS, he was a multi-multi millionaire.

He and his money soon parted though after he left the Windows maker.  Ed thought he’d try his hand at trading.


Shortly after though, the stock market had taken vast amounts from him.   Most people would roll over and pee on themselves. Ed, Ed got mad!

Rather than just lick his wounds, he decided to “get them to pay”. How?

You write a program!!!!  Cool Trader Pro

Thats how CoolTrader Pro came to be.  Cool Trader is a “High Frequency Trading” software. Its like your slave.
The masses  buy a stock and pray it goes up.  No wonder people are broke and cant retire.

CoolTrader is different . Its all about “taking net income”.

Small profits over and over again.

What if you could find money on the street? You’d pick it up.
With CoolTraderPro it doesnt matter whether the market is up or down, there is always an opportunity to take profit!

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Good Luck!